Regents Park

Raffles at Regents Park

Weekly raffles with fantastic prizes!


DOOLEYS Regents Park Sports Club

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Running Date

01 June - 31 August

Prize Draw

Seafood platters, electrical goods, meat trays and MORE!

Be at our Regents Park Club for a chance to win* fantastic prizes.

Weekly Raffles:

Friday 6.30pm (Tickets on sale from 5.30pm)

Sunday 4.00pm (Tickets on sale from 3.00pm)

Market Raffle:

Saturday at 6.00pm (Tickets on sale from 5.00pm)

Super Sunday Raffle:

Last Sunday of the month 5.30pm (Tickets on sale from 5.00pm)

Prizes to be won are white goods and the normal Sunday meat raffles.

Seafood Platter:

Every second Sunday of the month 5.30pm (Tickets on sale at 5.30pm)